The company was founded and operated as a trade as early as 1991. At that time, it leased Avia trucks from various established carriers. Soon enough, however, high demand for moving services created the need for its own car fleet, and thus in 1992 the first removal vehicles were purchased.

The company has been growing since, both in numbers of employees and the vehicle fleet. For example, in 1994, when moving the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic, it already owned 4 Avia cars and 1 Ford Transit transporter.

Increasing interest in their services made the company purchase Mercedes Benz cars that guarantee meeting high standard of services demanded by the customers. In 1998, the company changed its legal form to Limited Liability Company.

Since the founding of the company, the range of services has been expanding along with our customers´ needs, thus today's portfolio includes not only relocations, but also related services - moving heavy, bulky and oversized objects; furniture or complex interior assembly; office waste disposal; transport, storage, office removals, etc. (see Our services)

Currently, the company has 28 permanent employees and, if necessary, hires part time workers who have been part of our temporary staff for several years.

Our professional, well-trained employees as well as our high-quality services guarantee your satisfaction concerning any requirement in the area of removal services. We have been in business for such a long time mainly because we care for the needs, comfort and satisfaction of our customers.