Packaging material, packaging

Well in advance, we provide the customer with plastic crates and paper boxes for packing documents and small items. Confidential and classified documents are transported in lockable containers with so-called "seal". We also provide cardboard boxes for employees' personal belongings. Clothes are transported in special wardrobe boxes with the possibility to hang up to 20 garments on the hangers. We pay special attention to the transport of PC appliances: individual sets are separately wrapped in bubble wrap and exclusively transported in vans. Pictures and fragile items are wrapped in stretch film and transported in shipping boxes sealed with loose polystyrene. Special items (works of art, sculptures, etc.) are transported in formwork with foam filling.

For packing kitchen utensils, home appliances, books and similar. Various dimensions.

Not only for packing office items, documents and personal belongings. Various types

Convenient packing of your clothes using hangers for maximum protection of your garments.

Especially suitable for moving accounting documents, contracts and confidential documents.

Packing of blankets, pillows, toys, common clothes and similar

Is used for wrapping of all fragile and sensitive items and equipment

Is used for wrapping of glass items, china, crockery and art work.

Is used for fixing furniture and to prevent it from scratches.

Is used to join boxes, bubble wrap or or other packing material.