Moving Flats

Moving Flats - “moving doesn't have to be a problem” free inspection of the subject matter of moving by our experienced sales representative followed by setting the work schedule and calculating the price of the contract

 Stěhování bytů


Free of charge delivery of boxes and plastic crates and other packing material.

Packing services - our experienced staff packs everything you need.

Disassembly and subsequent assembly of furniture sets - assembly of kitchen sets protection of access routes and lifts - an essential part of moving is protection of all areas in question (corridors, lifts, stairs, etc.)


Stěhování domácností


Transportation of works of art (paintings, sculptures, carpets, artifacts)

PC sets (servers, computing units) and small works of art are transported  by vans

Final placement of items determined by the customer's need cleaning of related premises, disposal of used packing materials orders are finalised through a handover protocol.


Stěhování je pojištěno